Artistic love story between Paris and Amsterdam

    Paris - Amsterdam


    Your next event will surprise you directly when get out of the plane !

    Besides Exceptio-nl, the Rijksmuseum will be also there to welcome you, at it is the first museum in the world that exhibits art pieces in an airport.

    Walk out of the plane with Rembrandt, pick up your suitcase with Vermeer, keep on walking surrounded by Rietveld and Appel, then let yourself be guided by our team to your transfer.


    Amsterdam - Paris


    This is the story of a dutch couple, Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit.

    Painted in 1634 by Rembrandt, Oopjen is considered as the "Dutch Mona Lisa".


    They stayed hidden from the public until 2015, the year that they became the property of both France and the Netherlands.

    After a long restoration process, experts from the Dutch Rijksmuseum and the French Louvre found out that those two paintings have been originally one piece of art !


    On March 8th 2018, The Rijksmuseum made Marten & Oopjen come to live during a astonishing event to present their new exhibition "High society" (See the video opposite)


    One decision has been made : to never separate the couple ever again. They will always travel together between Paris and Amsterdam, thus celebrating the close friendship between our two countries.


    When it freezes, the Dutch heart melts

    The Dutch have won 17 medals so far at the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, all in speed skating of course!

    So how about you involve ice skating in your next event?!

    Imagine...Having an Olympic champion as an inspirational speaker at your seminar, taking a look at the paintings of Dutch masters who illustrated winter and ice skating scenes of the old days ... Your event can even host its own Olympic Games on ice as a team building activity!

    In the evening, you will take a well deserved rest in a hotel which has everything you need to relax like a real Olympic athlete!


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    Seas the day.

    The Netherlands has a long and glorious maritime history.
    Existing since 1815 (the year of the creation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), the Royal Netherlands Navy has won many naval battles and today still the Dutch enjoy this glory and are proud of their history.

    Imagine your seminar in Amsterdam... Where you will sleep at the edge of the water, host your seminar at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam or even on an old tall ship... Then, a boat will take you to discover the canals of Amsterdam. You will arrive at your exceptional dinner location, in an aquarium for example, where you will be served seafood coming straight from the North Sea! Are you dreaming yet? Do you think your group will remember the Netherlands as maritime after that?

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  • ART

    Paint your picture.

    "Amsterdam is the Silicon Valley of the Golden Age of Dutch painting"

    Imagine... An event on the theme of ART where you are constantly surrounded by the heritage and art of the Dutch masters... Sleep with Vermeer, eat against Rembrandt and take yourself for Van Gogh by creating your own self-portrait during a team building activity.

    Your seminar will be carved by us for

    make it a true work of art!


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    Press play for your next event.

    The music is relaxing, develops creativity, helps to focus, gathers and makes people happy. That's why we like to integrate music into our events!

    Imagine ... A day filled with lectures, presentations and discussions; Would not it be great to start this day with a beautiful piece of classical music played by a young Dutch artist? And dine in the Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam and sleep in the old Conservatory building?

    What an experience! It's a side of Amsterdam that you have never seen before!


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